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The Best Lawyer To Represent Dumb Criminals

The Best Lawyer To Represent Dumb Criminals

You can’t sleep at night because of the pending case against you? Or were you also one of the wrongfully accused criminals? This phenomenon can stain intensely on your reputation and leave you to feel helpless when you can’t defend yourself against the probing authorities and speculations.

Your family and loved ones can certainly be affected by this circumstance. Your precious job can be at stake, too, along with the guarantee of protection from harsh treatment from society.

Many people are helplessly looking for a way to get out of this dilemma. All they want to do is to clear their name that is now tarnished because of this experience.

And if ever you are convicted of a crime, there is hope for you to get the better treatment you deserve. Not all hope is lost when you do the appropriate measures.

Committing Crimes

Dumb criminals may have given a lot of people a taste of entertainment because of their hilarious take on committing a crime. One of the most stupid things they did is to post their plans on social media, like taking over a grocery store and posting a selfie just right after doing it.  Others are easily caught while they stack the hollow boxes in attempt of stealing on someone’s home.

Even though this is what dumb criminals do, they are still facing the consequences. And if your loved one is caught in the act of deliberately committing these crimes, you need to enlist the help of criminal defense attorney Vacaville to represent them.

Here is a list of some dumbest criminals that were caught

Clumsy Smartphone Burglar

Ashley Keast, a 25-year-old tattooed man from Rotherham, committed a criminal activity of stealing things. Together with his sidekick, he broke into the house property of a couple who left at that time for a holiday vacation and stole a Rolex watch, jewellery, an Audi A4, and electrical items that are all worth of thousand pounds.

The police officers were able to catch him as the colleagues of the victim got suspicious of the received photo because he accidentally sent his selfie to them. He removed the sim card from the stolen mobile and inserted it on another phone. Also, the selfie was posted on one of the messaging applications.

Aside from the criminal case of Burglary, he was also found guilty of trying to keep the justice from being served on the couple and giving threats to them as he had set out plans of sending a letter. Because of these, he was put to jail for four years.

The carrier bag criminal: Christopher Badman

You’ll usually know it’s a robber if he is wearing a black mask known as a balaclava. But have you heard of using a carrier bag as a mask when committing a crime? Christopher Badman used a carrier bag on his head as a disguise to rob from a hotel room during an Elvis Presley convention.

He was caught on camera wandering in the hotel hall. However, he was startled by a customer who wasn’t asleep and discovered him attempting to steal his laptop after forcing entry to his room.

Aside from wearing a carrier bag as a mask, most people know how CCTVs are very common in big establishments such as hotels. The thing here was that he was captured on a CCTV when he took off his mask. After going through so much hassle with hiding his identity, he just blew it in a very stupid way possible. After that, recognizing him was very easy. He admitted his crime of burglary on September 27 when he was caught at a very crowded festival. Badman, a 37-year-old from Bridgeland was sentenced to 16 months in prison at Cardiff Crown Court.

Hello! This is my address! – Dean Smith

Dean Smith, a 27-year-old knifeman from South Wales, forgot to use his mind when he did a crime of stealing money from the bank. He went to Barclays bank for the purpose of changing his address as he has moved house. The attempt of the crime started when he saw drawer of the cashier containing lots of money.

After a short while, he returned to the bank disguising himself by wearing a jacket, shades, and socks over his shoes. He quickly ran over to the cashier who just served him, desperately asking all the money he saw while holding a knife. The cashier refused what Smith was asking. He left with not even a single cent on his hand.

The police officers have successfully traced him as he had given his address to the bank. According to the police, he explained apologetically that what he did was terrible and was just in dire need of money. He admitted the bank robbery crime, and as a consequence, he was jailed for 2 and half years.

A push and pull crime: James Allan

How embarrassing could it be for someone to push a door that says pull? Especially during a heist? James Allan exceeds the expectations of people for having fallen over a drink display and has to ask help from the same person he was robbing. Talk about how he used a toy gun to scare the person yet had her open the door for him just to escape. Well, the person who opened the door was a customer on the other side (basically she just pushed the door).

According to information, he also has the guts to rob the same shop that he tried to rob 10 days ago. It was considered a disastrous robbery. The robber was apprehended after ripping off his mask in rage because he couldn’t figure out how to unlock the ‘pull’ door he was pushing. Thus, he exposed his face because he lost his cool. This 28-year-old criminal was sentenced to three years in prison for the March 2 raid on the Martin McColl newsagents in Abingdon, Oxford shire.

The taunting criminal: Logan James

A criminal taunting the police on social media is not something you see every day. When Logan Jamescommented “Haha catch me if you can won’t see me slipping “on a Facebook post of him being appealed by the police, lots of people think it was a dumb move by the 19-year-old young adult who was just released from being charged of Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds Using a Dangerous Weapon and Assaulting.

After being convicted in July, James received an eight-month sentence and on a Sunday evening, he was apprehended in the Caerphilly region and has since been returned to jail custody. After failing to attend probation service meetings, he was remanded to prison.

He bragged about how the police wouldn’t be able to catch him even though he was wandering around near his home. The police even thanked him for being so loud on social media and advertising their efforts in capturing him.

The Doing Tesco Over Guy – Andrew Hennells

A 32-year-old man from Norfolk, named Andrew Hennells,  committed a criminal activity of robbing. He was seen via CCTV of demanding for cash and eventually stolen hundred thousand pounds from the Tesco store in King’s Lynn.

A certain person who witnessed the said crime had reported it to the police officers. After a success robbing, Hennells immediately rushed out from the store then stole car of the retired couple who happened to use the automated teller machine. He was easily arrested because of his facebook post indicating of what his plans about the robbery, plus the uploaded photo of the knife and a comment of “doing tesco over”. These became a clear and solis evidence of being guilty.

Hennells was convicted of robbery and weapon crime as he was carrying a knife inside the store demanding for money. In addition to this was carjacking because of stealing a car to use for escaping. With these, he was jailed for four years as a consequence.

How to Catch A Flirting Shoplifter

One of the dumbest thieves in the world is Aron Morrison who is a shoplifter. The key on how he was arrested was the clerk where he gave his name and phone number because he was asking the girl out for a date. A swift move, isn’t it. Morrison had stolen a bottle of vodka from a shop.

This was a very easy catch for the cops and no longer need Sherlock Holmes to get the culprit. It was definitely a bad idea for Morrison to flirt with the clerk before he left the liquor store. It gives him no room to make excuses or deny the crime because of his silly move. The local authorities have all the reason to arrest the thief because of the information that Morrison gave for his own arrest. Remember, never leave any trace of the crime id you don’t want to be caught or simply don’t be dumb.

You might think that this is impossible to happen yet the evidences are presented and dumb criminals do really exist. If you don’t want to suffer the same fate like them then think first before you make a move if you don’t want to regret everything in the end. 

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