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How An Aggressive Attorney Can Help Your Drug Charges? Call For The Best Drug Charges Lawyer Right Away.

How An Aggressive Attorney Can Help Your Drug Charges? Call For The Best Drug Charges Lawyer Right Away.

Drug use has a grave consequence for people caught with any quantity of illegal drugs such as ecstasy, LSD, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Although some states will allow marijuana for recreational use or even used in medical fields.

However, if you are caught with the drugs stated above, the charges will be pinned against you, and you might have to suffer if you did not apply the necessary measures.

The Complexity Of Drug Charges

The main reason why drug cases are complex is that the cases are filed by State prosecutors. The state prosecutors are more involved in your case than just police, and sometimes, what they can file may include severe drug, distribution, and manufacturing charges.

What Are Drug Charges?

Drug charges can be any act revolving around drugs. It can be drug manufacturing and cultivation or drug possession. If you are also a carrier, you can be subjected to drug trafficking or distribution.

Drug Possession

Having a drug in your possession can entangle many factors of charges, primarily if you are found to have a controlled substance without any valid reason or authorization. The drugs in question are controlled substances like marijuana, cocaine, club, methamphetamine, and Heroin.

In connection with drug possession, drug paraphernalia is also prohibited. Things such as syringes, pipes, or bongs fall under this category and only prove that you’re using it.

To prove that you are indeed carrying drugs in your possession, the prosecutors may look for reasons to prove your case. If you, in any case, know that you have a controlled substance and you know that you have it in you intentionally, you are more than likely going to plead guilty because of this.

Your penalty can be based on the following categories:

  • Simple possession for own use
  • You have an intention to sell or distribute it.

These categories have a different level of penalty, which we will dive into later on as the act of distribution is different than drug possession.

If you are caught and charged with illegal possession, you should seek immediate help from your drug criminal defense attorney in Solano County.

Drug Cultivation Or Manufacturing

Since it is dangerous for an individual to be caught with illegal substances, how much more be involved in the manufacturing process? This case can have grave consequences. The punishment for manufacturers can include time in jail, fines, and even probation.

There could be federal and state laws that can determine the punishment for manufacturing drugs, particularly marijuana.

In drug manufacturing, to be filed with this case, the prosecutors must see that the elements you have are for your possession and you have an intention to manufacture them.

How an Aggressive Attorney Can Help Your Drug Charges? The answer is simple. They can help you figure out a solution to this case without serving time in prison.

Drug Trafficking Or Distribution

One of the severe cases involved in drug charges is the act of trafficking or distributing it. This is seen as a felony and federal crime that is not the same case as drug possession. This case will make you face severe penalties and prison time.

Your location where you are caught can play a ruling in this case as this is a severe offense. If you are found guilty and possess many controlled substances, these are the possible penalties you will face. 

For 1 kilogram of Heroin, 5 kilograms of cocaine, or 1000 kilograms of marijuana, you may face 10 years to life sentence imprisonment. 100 grams of Heroin or 500 grams of cocaine will be five to forty years

And for 50 kilograms of marijuana, you will be facing not more than five years of imprisonment.

Many people have been subjected to the offense even if they are proven innocent.  To protect yourself from colossal damage, you should contact a lawyer that knows best how to handle cases like this.

The Categories Of Drug Sentencing In California

There are five total categories that a drug offender may fall on. The following states the schedules that state the appropriate penalty for the defendant.

Schedule V: is for most minor controlled substances. The drugs that fall into this category are not likely to fall for abuse. It could be cough syrups with low-codeine or Robitussin AC.

Schedule IV: More severe than the prior schedule as it covers the drugs that can have a person dependent on the drug and can show potential for abusive use. However, the drugs that fall into this situation are prescription medications such as Valium, Xanax, and Ativan.

Schedule III: While you have seen that it can show an abusive use in schedule IV, this category holds a higher risk of abuse. This is where users or offenders can have sentences or charges. The drugs in this schedule are higher doses of codeine and Methadone, as well as Ketamine.

Schedule II: The drugs included in this category have a higher potential for drug addiction and abuse. Drugs like Adderall, Methamphetamine, Morphine, Cocaine, and Opium are serious drugs that need priority enforcement.

Schedule I: It is known that the drugs listed in this category, like PCP, LSD, and Heroin, are severe drugs that are also not safe to use in medical supervision.

Yuri Hill’s Service Is Reliable

As panic sets in and you are caught in that position, the prosecutors will only offer you is to plead guilty. However, it is never really guaranteed that you will get the best option since you are being treated as an offender. Things will never get easy from that moment on.

Remember that your rights as an individual are handy in times like this. You have a right to the best legal representation who can aggressively fight for you and your rights without compromising your future.

In Yuri Hill’s law firm, they are experts in handling significant cases such as this, and they will do everything possible to secure you from the harsh treatments of law.

If you are facing prosecution, the best thing you can do is call your legal representative. With an active platform and hotline which you can call at any time of the day, it could never be impossible to have the best help on your way out in just a few short minutes.

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