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Sex Crime Attorney in Vacaville

Sex Crime Attorney in Vacaville

Facing criminal charges is always serious, and something that could lead to penalties for the defendant. But being charged with a sex crime is often particularly concerning, as in addition to criminal penalties, a defendant could face civil charges and personal repercussions, including the loss of friends and family. At The Law Office of Yuri Hill, our sex crime attorney in Vacaville understands how much is on the line for you, and strongly believes that everyone facing criminal charges—regardless of the crime—deserves access to a competent, committed criminal defense law firm. If you are facing charges for a sex crime in California, call our Vacaville sex crime lawyer immediately for the legal counsel and support you can trust. Our attorney is here for you.

Sex Crime Attorney in Vacaville

Attorney Yuri Hill has years of experience defending those who are facing sex crimes in our state. When you work with our Vacaville sex crime law firm, you’ll benefit from personalized attention and services, a committed team, an individualized case strategy, and a law firm that has experience working on cases like yours. When you are facing criminal charges, particularly charges for a sex crime, working with a sex crime attorney in Vacaville is within your best interests. Hiring an attorney should be one of the first things that you do after being charged.

    What Is a Sex Crime?

    A sex crime refers to any type of criminal offense of a sexual nature. Sex crimes range in severity and can include something as seemingly minor as indecent exposure in public to something much more serious, such as rape. Regardless of the severity of the charges that you’re facing, and regardless of your degree of guilt, you should hire a Vacaville sex crime attorney immediately after being charged.

    Common California Sex Crime Charges

    There are multiple different types of sex crimes. Some of the most common sex crimes in California include:

    Sexual abuse of a child. Sexual abuse of a child is no doubt one of the most serious types of sex crimes, and is one of the most harshly punished. Sexual abuse of a child charges can lead to years in prison for the defendant if convicted.

    Rape, including date rape. In California, rape is defined as the use of fraud, force, or threat of force to have non-consensual sexual intercourse with another person. Rape is an egregious crime that can result in mandatory registration as a sex offender for life, as well as years in prison and large fines. Contact our sex crime attorney in Vacaville today for a fully confidential, no-obligation initial case evaluation.

    Sexual assault and battery. Sexual battery, or sexual assault, involves touching the private and intimate parts of another person for the purpose of sexual arousal and gratification without the victim’s permission or consent. This type of crime can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the details of the crime, and is harshly penalized in our state. For more information contact our Vacaville sex crime attorney today.

    Indecent exposure. Exposing one’s naked body or part of their naked body in a public place or in front of someone who could be offended by it is considered indecent exposure. A second conviction can be tried as a felony offense, which carries more severe penalties than a misdemeanor indecent exposure crime.

    Solicitation of a prostitute. Prostitution is illegal in the state of California, and soliciting a prostitute is a crime. For a first offense of solicitation of a prostitute, a defendant could face a fine of up to $1,000 or/and up to six months in jail.

    Prostitution. Just as solicitation of a prostitute is illegal, so is prostitution itself. Prostitution is a misdemeanor offense in California, and a first-time prostitution offense will carry the same penalties as a first-time solicitation of a prostitute offense. For more information contact our Vacaville sex crime attorney today.

    Child pornography. Possessing child pornography in California is a serious offense, and on that can severely tarnish a person’s professional and personal reputation. The offense can be prosecuted as a wobbler—which means that the prosecution has the option to prosecute the case as a misdemeanor or a felony—or as a felony, depending on the details of the crime.

    Lewd conduct and lewd acts with a child. Lewd conduct involves touching one’s own genitals in a public place for the purpose of sexual gratification or arousal, or for the purpose of offending someone else. Lewd acts with a child is a much more serious offense, and involves engaging in sexual acts—such as touching a child’s genitals—with a child. This type of crime is a felony that will result in years in prison if the defendant is convicted. Call our Vacaville sex crime attorney now for a free initial case review.

    Sex Crime Defenses

    If you are charged with a sex crime, it’s important that you understand the potential defense strategies that may exist in your case. Sex crime prosecution in California is taken very seriously; our Vacaville sex crime attorney can help you to build your defense and reduce the chances of you being convicted or facing the maximum sentence if you are convicted. Some common defenses in sex crimes cases include:

    ● True innocence—that is, you didn’t commit the crime;
    ● Consent of the victim;
    ● Lack of intent—i.e. You did touch someone privately, but doing so was an accident;
    ● Lack of knowledge about the victim’s age/the victim lied;
    ● Wrong person—the computer with the pornography doesn’t belong to you, you aren’t the person who assaulted the victim, etc.

    In addition to the above, you may be able to prove that the victim has wrongly accused you as an act of revenge, that the prosecution illegally obtained evidence against you and therefore that evidence cannot be used, or that your rights were otherwise breached.

    What Are the Penalties for Sex Crime Conviction in California?

    Some of the potential penalties for a sex crime were discussed above. The type and breadth of penalty that a person convicted of a sex offense may face depend on numerous factors, including:

    ● The age of the victim;
    ● The nature of the crime;
    ● Whether the crime is classified as a misdemeanor or felony offense;
    ● Harm to the victim;
    ● The defendant’s criminal history.

    With the above in mind, potential penalties for sex crimes include:

    Jail or prison time. For felony offenses, especially severe felony offenses such as rape, a person could spend many years in prison. If the sexual assault crime is committed in combination with another crime, the prison sentence will likely be longer.

    Large fines and fees. Court fines and legal fees based on the conviction are likely in sexual crimes cases. In some cases, a defendant may also owe restitution to a victim, or face civil charges in addition to criminal charges.

    Registration as a sex offender. A person who is convicted of a sex crime in California will be required to register as a sex offender. This can result in lost opportunities, including challenges to securing housing and employment.

    Loss of child custody. In some cases, being convicted of a sex crime may result in a family court revoking the custody or visitation rights of the convicted person for the safety of the child.

    Diminished social, personal, and professional relationships. One element of sex crimes that differs from other types of crimes is the stigma that’s attached to sexual crimes, especially crimes involving sexual assault or children. If you are convicted of a sex crime, you may lose friendships, relationships, and professional networks as a result. Call our sex crime attorney in Vacaville now for a free initial case review.

    Allegations and Filing Sex Crime Charges

    If you have knowledge that someone is accusing you of a sex crime, even if the accusations haven’t yet been brought to law enforcement and even if you haven’t yet had charges formally filed against you, it’s smart to consult with a sex crime attorney in Vacaville. By getting ahead of the accusations early on, you may be able to build a stronger defense.

    Contrary to popular belief, sex crime charges are not brought by the victim of the sex crime, although this is the person who generally reports the sex crime, and their cooperation may be essential to an investigation and the successful prosecution of the case; instead, the state brings charges against the defendant. This means that even if the victim doesn’t want to “press charges,” the state may still be legally compelled to do so. Once allegations are made, the cat has been let off the bag, so to speak. And if there is enough evidence for an arrest, the prosecution will very likely move forward with it. To know more about our sex crime attorney in Vacaville, please call our law firm at 888-91-CRIME

    Sex Crime Investigations

    A criminal investigation into a sex crime allegation usually is multi-faceted and will have many different parts and stages. Typically, as mentioned above, these types of cases begin with the alleged victim of the crime filing a police report; sometimes, a friend or family member may bring the case to law enforcement on the alleged victim’s behalf. From there, the police are obligated to investigate the alleged crime. This might include doing things such as:

    ● Obtaining DNA evidence;
    ● Requesting a search warrant of the defendant’s property or belongings, such as a computer;
    ● Interrogating the suspect;
    ● Interviewing eyewitnesses or others involved in the case; and
    ● Reviewing any other types of evidence that might exist, such as video footage of an alleged assault, etc.

    Throughout the investigation, it’s important to remember that you have rights. For example, you have the right to an attorney, you have the right to remain silent—which means that you do not have to testify against yourself, and you have the right to due process. You also have the right to have your Constitutional rights protected throughout the process, which means that evidence cannot be illegally seized against you, witnesses and evidence cannot be tampered with, etc. Your sex crime attorney in Vacaville can guide you through all of your rights and what you should do to prepare for your case.

    Evidence in Sex Crime Cases

    The type of evidence that the prosecution uses to try to secure a conviction will vary on a case-by-case basis. For example, in a case involving child pornography, submitting computer evidence and data will be relevant. In a case involving prostitution, evidence of financial transactions and witness statements may be most credible. In a case involving rape, DNA evidence, the alleged victim’s testimony, and witness evidence will prove crucial. Consult with a sex crime attorney in Vacaville to talk more about the evidence that may be relevant in your case. The prosecution is required to disclose evidence that it has against you in advance so that you can prepare your defense.

    What Is California Court Process in Sex Crimes?

    Generally, the criminal process in California happens in the following stages; talk to your attorney about whether any unique factors in your case may affect this process:

    ● A defendant is arrested and charged with the crime;
    ● During the arraignment hearing, the defendant can plead guilty or not guilty (you should always plead not guilty unless otherwise advised by an attorney);
    ● Bail will be set if relevant;
    ● There will be a pretrial process, which will involve discovery, disposing witnesses, exchanging evidence held by both sides, and otherwise preparing for trial
    ● The trial takes place—this can take a day or multiple days or even many months depending on the crime;
    ● The jury will deliberate and return a verdict; and
    ● If the defendant is found guilty, the judge will issue a sentence.

    There is the option for an appeal in some cases, too. Appeals cannot be pursued simply because the defendant disagrees with the court’s finding; an actual legal error must have occurred that warrants the appeal. Talk with sex crime attorney in Vacaville to learn more.

    Do I Need a Sex Crime Lawyer Near Me?

    You may feel as though hiring an attorney is an admission of your guilt, or as though you can defend yourself against sex crime prosecution in California without the help of sex crime attorney in Vacaville. The truth, however, is that working with a qualified sex crime attorney in Vacaville is always within your best interests. While there is never a guarantee about the outcome of the case, working with a sex crime attorney in Vacaville may strongly improve your case outcome and can be a critical step in ensuring that your rights are protected. To know more about our Vacaville sex crime lawyer, please call our law firm at 888-91-CRIME

    Vacaville Sex Crime Law Firm

    To learn more about our Vacaville sex crime law firm and sex crime defense attorney Yuri Hill, please call our sex crime attorney in Vacaville directly or send us a message. Our Vacaville sex crime lawyer can travel to your location and can start working on your case immediately. Make a call to our office the first call you make after being arrested and charged with a sex crime.